Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Semestral Break Getaways!

Good day guys! How is your day? Mine is fine although my head is aching right now. Anyways, the semester is almost over and me and my friends are planning to have our vacation this semester break. I really need to relax my mind and body from all the studying and coding we did during the semester and also to prepare myself for next semester. We are planning to have it at Samal but it really depends on our budget. If our budget allows us, we can go for one of the Vermont Hotels. It would be very exciting and thrilling to go there. Personally, I would like to try skiing there. It would be my first time if that happens. I heard that it would be a great place for some romantic getaways with your loved ones and also for a great Family Vacation.

But since we don't have that much money, we could go to Davao or maybe to Baguio! Yes! Baguio would be great because I want to try their cold environment! It would be a great change of climate. I also want to look at it's beautiful scenery. It would be a great vacation if we could go there.

God bless us always and keep the faith intact!

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