Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting My Stamina Back!

God day guys! Before my sister went back to Manila to continue her masters, we had a badminton game with my brothers and with her. I was so excited to play because I haven't been exercising for about almost 3 months except for a few basketball games.

The day came and we were all ready to go and we found out that the national transportation group had a strike and that there was no transportation until about 3 pm that day. But it didn't affect our will to play badminton and decided to walk the distance since it was not that far away. I haven't brought my Running Shoes but still it was not necessary for Running, since we can just walk or jog the distance. Others say that if you are planning to follow some kinda Sports Nutrition, you may need to use Pedometers to monitor your heart rate. We arrived at the gym and played our hearts out and after about two games I had my stamina drained and rested.

I then realized how short my stamina was compared to about 2 years ago when I was actively doing my regular exercises. My stamina was not that short and in fact I could play about 5 straight games in basketball and won't feel tired. Now I think about it, I should get back on working my stamina for these kind of situations. Going to a local gym is one of my goals this year, trying out exercise machines like an elliptical fitness cross trainer to help me get my stamina back. You too should not just sit around. Let's get to work and get back our stamina.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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