Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clothes For Expecting Mothers!

Good day guys! How is your day? Mine is just fine. A very relaxing day because ours school is celebrating it's foundation day and we students are holding our festivities this year.

Anyways, I have a girl friend who is expecting a baby. We were just talking and we happened to talk about her concerns as a mother. One of her many concerns is about her clothes as she doesn't want maternity clothes that are boring and are not trendy. I agree with her because she is just too beautiful to wear boxy and boring maternity clothes. So I thought I'd research about ways that she can remedy her concern and I just found a site that is suitable for her case.

Kiki's Fashion Maternity offers trendy and beautiful, as well as cute, maternity clothes for a lower price compared to those being sold at boutiques. These are some of their dresses.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!


Dorothy L said...

Very nice outfits. I wish they had maternity clothes like that when I was pregnant:)

hp9200 said...

Yep...they have...U can always buy when you get preggy again...