Friday, August 21, 2009

Diet Cleansing - Yeast Overgrowth!

Good day guys! How is your day? I am fine! We just had our laboratory exercise on our CSC100 class. The teacher gave us a simple problem involving javascript and html. I did it in about 15 minutes, I think, and now I am doing nothing that's why I thought of writing a blog post. Well, this is to kill my time while I wait for my friends to finish the exercise!

Do you know about candida albicans? It is a yeast that normally lives in your digestive tract. In a healthy immune system, the levels of this yeast is being checked and being maintained to a level that is acceptable by our body. But if our immune system is weakened, the yeast may not or is not checked and maintained that's why we experience fatigue, headache, mood swings, sinus congestion, poor memory and concentration and may result to oral thrush symptoms , skin infections and vaginal yeast infections for women that is well known as yeast overgrowth.

To battle this overgrowth, you can strengthen your immune system or may take dietary supplements like threelac to help introduce good micro flora into your intestines.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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