Monday, August 3, 2009

Pasundayag '09 - Will Be A Very Tiring Week

Good day guys! It's 10:49 p.m. here in our place and I just got home from school. We had our week-long foundation celebration of our college. There are many events including local games like "kadang-kadang", "patintero", etc. There are also sports in which students from different departments can participate to try to claim honor, just honor because there is no prize or if there is it is negligible. Lol!

I joined our IT basketball team in which, standing at 5 foot 5 inches, I play "center". I got to accept sever punishments in the form of elbows and body blows. Lol...I want to play at small forward but I don't know why they want me at center. Hehehe...

I also joined our pop dance group headed by our very talented choreographer Ray. Hmm...I love to dance, really. I think it's my passion. But I am not that good to watch. Hehehe...Anyways, we had our first practice a while ago. And our contest will be about 2-3 days from now, I am not sure. Well, I expect our practices to be more tiring. But if you like what you are doing, there is no such thing as tiring, right?!

Well, the purpose of these games is to inculcate friendship and bonding between departments. Of course there would be competition between students. that cannot be erased. I hope every student will have fun watching and playing. And I hope that we, the Information Technology Department, will win overall champion.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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