Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dance Practice - A Tiring Day!

Good day guys! How are you this day? Me? Having a hard time walking due to body pain all over. This is because of our practices for our pop dance competition tomorrow. We practiced for about 10 hours. Whew, it was really tiring, especially our routine but is, overall, a great dance. At the end of our practices we were like zombies ready to eat people. Hehe! Good thing that one of our friends celebrated his birthday and treated us for pizza.

Anyways, before getting back to work, like Denver Programming where they build websites, I would like to thank God for the  opportunity to dance. I needed something like this so that I can unload what I am carrying for the meantime and enjoy. Although it is tiring, it is worth the while. Thank you Lord!

God bless us all and remember that when you feel like giving up, don't worry for God is always watching and plaaning everything in your life. Keep the faith intact guys!

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