Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Clean Restaurant for A Successful and Healthy Business!

Good day guys! I am so wasted today, I am feeling bad, my body is not in a good shape, I feel like having a flu. I just hope that it is not AH1N1. *Hoping* Well anyways, in an establishment, let's say a restaurant, what part of the establishment do you think should be always clean and tidy. Hmm...Well, of course the cooking area right?

I found this restaurant near our school were they don't mind having dirty cooking area. But they made sure that we, the customers, can't see it. But not me, my eyes maybe easily deceived by love and emotional stuff, but not from dirty kitchen. I had a peek of their cooking area and found that the kitchen sinks where they cut and dice their ingredients has garbage, specifically plastic and straw, all around and touching the processed ingredients.

Well, if you establish a business, especially a dining business such as restaurants, you should make sure that all the area in your establishment should be clean and tidy so that customers will flock to your restaurant. And most importantly, you should clean your establishment for sanitary issues, so that your customers will not get sick in eating your product.

God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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