Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WARNING - Text Scams!

Good day guys! I would just like to share something that I received via SMS. The message goes like this,

"Congratulations! Last 07/01/09 Ur cell# had won P700,000+N70 Unit from:PCCNS DTI-# 9170 Series of nOW 2 claim ur prize.I'M ATTY.Carlo Diaz"

I knew immediately that it is a scam. But still, I got a bit curious as to who sent me this message and if I really won something so I used my chikka account to send a message to "ATTY.Carlo Diaz." There is no reply so I asked my best friend, google, about this certain ATTY.Carlo Diaz and to this PCCNS DTI-# 9170. Mr. Google confirmed it to be a scam.

I am sharing this experience of mine so that you will know that this type of messages are 100% scam. One thing you should consider if you receive a message like this is if you have subscribed to such promos. I personally, do not subscribe to promos, so why did I win? Second of all, If you officially won something, usually, not only a text message will you receive but a call from a representative and a valid and official number, not a cellphone number.

That's it for my experience and I hope that you learned something from it. God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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