Monday, July 27, 2009

Regitry Clean-up - A Must on Maintaining Your Computer!

Good day guys! We had our prelims exam on our CSC100 subject. I was so scared of the test because I have not studied that much. I was like very nervous on what the test would look like, if its very hard or just right. But when I got the examination questionnaire, I was so relieved that the questions where not that hard. It was not a walk in the park but was just right at my mind state at that time. Hehe!

I would also like to share this site that I found while surfing the net about safety of registry cleaners. They have lots of information regarding on registry cleaners and registers alike. I know most of you are not even interested on this things because its like not in your field but believe me, as a computer user, you should start to. Cleaning up your registry can make your computer work faster, really faster!

I remember when our desktop PC worked very slowly and booting up would take forever. I found out that my registry is so cluttered and full of unneeded files which were left by uninstalling programs. Malicious programs were also found in my registry making my computer work really slow. So I researched and asked all of my friends on what should be done, and they gave me a free registry cleaner to get rid of these clutter and malicious things in my registry and boy it worked. Now my computer worked faster than before.

God bless us always and keep the faith intact!

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