Saturday, July 11, 2009

Living A Contented Life

Good day everyone! Sorry for not posting for 2 days. I was just trying out my new laptop and doing my thesis so that we can finish it. Well, I am back! Hehehe...How are you guys? I hope that you are all fine and having living a contented life.

Well, living a contented life doesn't just mean that you are happy or that all of your wants are up on the grabs. You don't have to be sitting on a glamorous chair, having a mansion or a palace with all those kitchenware, glassware, elegant wine glass racks and beautiful and expensive cars.

A contented life, for me, is a life filled with wonderful memories. Memories of friends and family, both happy and sad ones. Well, you can always go for the material things, but one thing is for sure, if ever it is your time to meet Him, our Creator and Father, all of the material things that you own will not matter. What matters for Him is how well and good have you lived your life. How you acted on simple situations like helping a lady cross the street, making your friends and family happy and most importantly is your faith in Him.

God bless us and keep the faith intact! Live a contented life!

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