Monday, July 13, 2009

Free Poker Chips!

Good day guys! Have you ever played poker with your friends? I sure did and it was fun. Especially when someone loses over a bluff and discovering in the end that all he had were just lowly cards. Hehehe...I am a sucker at playing this stuff! Hehe...I always lose. Maybe my friends are expert, I don't know, but seems that I am not meant for this game.

I tried different ways to understand the game more and even played online poker games. I was so indulged in playing the game that I felt that I can't be beaten again with my friends. I was so excited in showing off my skills. But to my dismay, I got beaten again and again and again. What a sad story. Hmpf...Hehehe...

Anyway, that was just history. Right now, I am still playing poker but not that addicted. I play poker at facebook and For those poker players playing online at PokerStars, I got good news for you. I discovered some PokerStars Marketing Code, Poker Stars Bonus Code and PokerStars Bonus while surfing the net. I hope this can help you on your games.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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