Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sell Jewelry Online!

Good day guys! How is your day? Fine? Well, congratulations! Mine, so far, is not that great. Why do I say so? It is because my day is just about to start. It is just 12:43 in the morning here. I know, I know! I am very corny! I just feel the need to energize myself through corny jokes.

Anyways, do you have any unused gold or silver jewelry that you want to sell? Are you planning to sell it on pawnshops or local jewelers? I will go on some pros and cons on each of these two.


Pawnshops are used to get money for your jewelry with having a chance to redeem it back. Usually, you go to a pawnshop if you want fast cash for immediate needs. But pawnshops are annoying because of their fees. You also cannot get the full worth of your jewelry because they need to have a collateral in case you are not coming back. You get a measly 70-75% worth of your jewelry, even lower.

Local Jewelers

The big con of selling your jewelry to local jewelers is the trust. They do not give you the exact worth of your jewelry. Some may price you with just 50-60% worth. The reasoning for this is that they actually don't need your jewelry because they can always make a copy of your jewelry.

There is also one way to sell your gold and silver jewelry without the worry of being scammed. Introducing Global Gold & Silver. They offer you to sell jewelry online. You don't need to worry about shipping it to them because they use FedEx Insure to insure that your jewelry will arrive there intact. For more information, visit them at www.jewelryscrappers.com.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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