Saturday, July 25, 2009

ScribFire - A Fast and Easy Way to Update your Blog

Good day guys! Time is a precious resource for us bloggers. It determines our future as bloggers. Updating a blog is time-consuming, coming up with a topic and writing something about that certain topic. It takes about 1 hour, minimum, for me to create a post, excluding all those logging-in and stuff you needed to open before you can create a new post. And that is a minimum for me! Imagine those who have more than one blog.

So, for all those bloggers out there who manage multiple blogs. For those who are tired of opening their blog accounts on separate pages. Those who need to update their posts in an instant. I have something that is of your interest.

As I search for something on the net for add-ons for my Firefox browser, I found this one cool and useful add-on that will hasten and cater your blogging needs. It helps you to post to your blog(s) much faster without opening and logging-in to your accounts. It is as easy as 1-2-3, really!

The name of the add-on is ScribeFire by Chrsitopher Finke. You can download it by clicking here. When you first use it, you need to input information about your blog including you username and password. After that, you can then experience the pleasure of using this add-on.

I hope the add-on helped you on your blogging needs. God bless and keep the faith intact.

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