Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery - A Wise Decision?

Good day guys! How's your day? Mine is tiring! Done lots of things. I think I will age faster with this kind of routine daily. Hehehe...By the way, Have you read my post about makeups? I don't like makeup that much because it hides one's true beauty. Having your face or your body changed is the same thing for me. Cosmetic Surgery, for me, is not an option. I will discuss here the reasons why I don't like cosmetic surgery.

Not Natural
Some successful surgeries are not successful at all. Having your body reshaped is not natural and can easily be distinguished and can affect the way you do stuff. Having your nose changed affects the way you breathe and feels unnatural. Your face is made that way because that's the best parts that fit your whole self.

Cosmetic surgeries have come a long way, from simple liposuction to nose lifts, face lifts to breast augmentation, and many more. One of the things that you must consider about having cosmetic surgery is the danger on having these surgeries.

I know that there are cosmetic doctors that train hard and are very good at their job. But still, there is a possibility on having a failed surgery and as a result would lead to damage on the area where you had your surgery. And considering that this is cosmetic surgery, the involved areas are those that are visible to the eyes like your nose, face, breasts, chin, etc. Having these parts damaged affects not just your physicality but also affects the way you face people and would lead to a major breakdown.

God created you the way you are in His own image. Having your body changed is disrespectful of what He gave to you. Although what He gave for you is not perfect in your eyes, but you are very much perfect in His eyes.

Having cosmetic surgery means that you are not satisfied in what He gave you. It simply means that in your eyes, He is wrong in making that part of you. To tell you guys, He made you like that because He has a purpose for everything. It may seem vague, but it will all be revealed in His time.

Well, these reasons are my reasons why I don't like Cosmetic Surgery. Whatever you decide, always bare in mind that everything God does is backed up with reasons and that include physical appearances. God bless us in everything we do. If you intend on undergoing cosmetic surgery, I suggest you ask for God's guidance and grace.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!


Dorothy L said...

Your post is written of wise words. People that feel the need to change their outer bodies rarely realize that it is their inside of them that needs to be repaired.
All of the cosmetic surgery in the world will never open the doors to finding their own unconditional love!

hp9200 said...

Very well said Dorothy. I think Cosmetic surgery is for those who has illnesses that needs it. But for one to have cosmetic surgery for the reason to change his body because he/she doesn't like it doesn't justify the act.