Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fire Ants Vs. Normal Ants

Good day guys! How is your day? Mine is a bit tiring because I haven't have a good and sound sleep yet. Well, have you seen fire ants? How do you know if that colony is a fire ants' or just a normal ant colony? I will tell you ways on how to distinguish fire ants from normal ants.

The most noticeable thing about fire ants is their aggressiveness. When they feel that their colony is in danger, they automatically attack. Normal ants just ignore humans and animals and most of the time, just avoids them. But not the fire ants, they attack, biting and stinging. You can test a mound if it is a fire ants' by sticking a stick in the mound. If it is a fire ants' mound, fire ants immediately spring out from the mound and surround the stick.

Their mound are also noticeable because of the size. A fire ant's nest or mound is about at least 1 foot high (protruding from the ground) and having a diameter of at least 1 foot and can reach 2 feet by 2 feet.

There are organic ways to deal with fireants. One way is to get a bowl of boiling water and pour it on the mound. You might want to get away from the mound afterward because they surviving ants will swarm around looking for someone to bite. Another way is to get worm feces as they are claimed to be a good way to combat fire ants.

If you see a mound, the best thing to do is to avoid destroying it and respect their home. They won't attack you unless being provoked.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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