Friday, July 3, 2009

Treasures - Gold or Not?!

Good day guys! I am at school right now browsing the net for opportunities that will cater my needs. My mind is blank right now and I need something to lift up my spirits. Well, its mainly because of my lack of sleep. I know that a person should sleep 8 hrs a day. Well, I have my reasons to get up late. One of those reason is that the internet is fast during midnight and the early mornings. But the main reason is that my mind works slower during the day. Maybe I acquired the abilities of vampires to stay up late. I am blabbering right now!

I am thinking about lots of things right now, including my never ending dreams about my future family, wife, work, kids and financial stability. Well, talking about my future financial stability, I realized that at my age now, 22 , I am not yet close to what I should be doing. Well, I should be working right now and saving for my future goals and dreams. Damn!

I should be working and saving money for my family, house, etc. Doing jobs that are inclined to Information Technology, creating websites, troubleshooting PCs, installing and maintaining networks. But I am thinking, in this economic instability hitting the globe, what should I do to insure my own financial stability?

There are many ways to do this. One is to buy gold or buy gold bullion. Buying gold is one way to protect your assets and to provide a hedge against inflation. Investors use this hedge to secure their investments. You can buy gold in gold bullion insures your assets more. Buying in bullion means buying refined and stamped weight of precious metal. Gold bullion are practical and can be traded.

Whatever your ways in insuring your investments, always remember that your financial stability here in the world does not imply your stability in the kingdom God promised us. It is good to insure your financial stability but not to the extent of doing things that God does not allow.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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