Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Termite - Free? You're Wrong!

Good day guys! I am so happy because I received my laptop. Well, technically it is not mine, but I have the right to use it. Hehehehe...Anyways, I really need laptop for several reasons. One is that it is necessary for my field of work to own a personal workspace for my web development works, as well as designs and other stuff that I am required to do.

Another reason is that having a laptop has advantages that a student can rely on. A student, instead of carrying notebooks and books, can just carry a laptop and save all of the notes and discussions in it. It is a reliable storage for important thesis files, discussion files, thesis files, project files and can also be used to store pictures of those escapades which you and your friends took pictures with.

Carrying hard copies of books, 2-3 books with almost 200 pages each, and notebooks/binders is a pain. It can drain your energy even before you arrive at school. Also, jutting down notes can tire your hands and fingers. For me, typing on a keyboard is much faster and comfortable than handwriting. But what really decided me to stop or minimize using books and notebooks is because of those pesky little termites.

If you think your books and notebooks are safe from damage, think again! Termites can destroy books and even your home without you noticing. When you notice these termites, one thing you can be sure of, there are damages already which are irreversible. A termite can easily destroy any wooden or paper that comes in its way. And termites don't just come in solo but in bunches, or should I rephrase it, in COLONIES! Damn!

I have a personal experience with these termites where almost all of my precious engineering books are destroyed. And there was nothing left to do but to burn all those books. There were almost 10 books destroyed and burnt.

For as long as there are paper-based or wood-based furniture and things in your house, termites can and will probably attack it. That is their living! One way of minimizing termite infestations is through constant cleaning. And cleaning means completely cleaning each object, especially those termite-prone parts of your house every once in a while.

God bless us and keep the faith intact!

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