Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suicide! - Not A Solution!

Good day guys! How's your day? Having problems again with our boss? Did you and your girlfriend/boyfriend quarrel again about small things? Are you having trouble keeping your relationship? Is your family your problem? Or are you being scolded by your mother? Or do you think God has forsaken you?

Well, I have this niece of mine. She is a happy girl. Indeed a fighter and when we meet sometimes, she always smile and jokes a lot. She is younger than me, about 18 years old I think. But I can see that behind those smiles and laughter is a girl who needed attention. A lonely girl who is desperately in search for love and care.

She was the second child and the eldest sister. Their family is not what you call a stable one. They are, I think, 13 in the family including the parents. She stopped going to school because of financial problems. Tempted by vices like alcohol. Going home late because of drinking sessions and talks back at her mother and aunt. A typical teenager who has lots of problem.

But a shocking news came me as I went to get my laptop from my mother. She committed suicide just this morning. My mother cried and then it hit me, my niece died! She commit suicide! The night before she committed suicide, she came home late drunk and had a big quarrel with her aunt. And then the next morning, she was found hanging cold inside their bathroom.

That was then that I realize that it doesn't imply that if a person is happy, he/she doesn't have a problem. Actually, we all have problems. Whether small ones or big ones, we are given a fair set of problems by our God. And these problems were given to us so that we can become a better person.

Sometimes, we think that our only solution for all these problems is for us to commit suicide. But remember, only God has the right to take a person's life. The only best solution is for us to ask for God's guidance and to have faith in Him that everything will be alright. And you know what, suicide is a sin in which you have no way of asking for God's forgiveness.

Think also of the people that loves you. By taking your life, you will be making them heart-broken and will be causing them a lot of pain.

So remember this, SUICIDE is not a SOLUTION! God is the solution! God bless us all and keep the faith intact!

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