Thursday, July 2, 2009

Typing Maniac - Tips and Tricks!

Good day guys! I am browsing the web and found this very good game on facebook. Typing Maniac is the game which was released by Metro Games! It tests your skills on typing the words that come down your screen. And the best part is after the game where you are evaluated and is given a rank where you can boast your skills to your friends. BWAHAHAHA!! Well, it's hard to get a really good score but its not impossible. Here are some tips and tricks on having a good score.

Tip #1 - The Four Basic Elements!

You can get power ups and use it for your needs! These are the four basic elements namely fire, wind, ice (water) and slow (earth). These can be used for those situations where your hand-to-eye coordination betrays you and you have no trick up your sleeve. Just type in these words and you will be rewarded with some game-saving power.
  • Fire - can be used to disintegrate those annoying pages in your screen. It is best used for those situations where your screen is filled up with words.
  • Wind - can be used to blow away those pages that are stacked on your work place. It replenishes your life bar to zero. It is best used when you have no other power ups left or your saving your ice and slow for later levels.
  • Ice - can be used to freeze those fast pages in your screen. This is your best friend! It is best used for later levels after all your fire and slow power ups are gone. Ice can save you time since the pages are frozen and not moving. If you are fast enough, you can save 5-10 pages in one ice power up.
  • Slow - last but not the least, can be used to slow the speed of the pages. This is your second best friend. It is best used before using the ice power up and after all your fire power ups are gone. Like the ice, use it on later levels or on situations where you can't help but use it.
You get these power ups starting level 3 (I think!). The order of appearance of the power ups is fire, wind, slow, then ice. Four levels after level 3, that is level 7, the appearance of power ups are in random. When you see one, make it your priority to get those power ups. If all types of power ups are on your screen, use this priority, ice -> slow -> wind -> fire.

Tip #2 - Focus!

On earlier levels, you can follow the order of appearance of the words. But on higher levels, where those pages go as fast as the wind, it is better to focus on the words that catch your attention and those that are easier for you to spell.

It is better to pick an area where you can get those words. What I mean area is that an part of the screen where you fix your eyes and where you read those words. For me, I am comfortable on finding those words on the uppermost to middle part of the screen because I have more time on thinking and spelling those words. When the words leave that area and I can't spell it without looking at it, I hit the backspace button and find another word to type.

Tip #3 - Enjoy!

The best thing to do is to enjoy! Don't take it too seriously. That's why it is called a game, to be enjoyed and to relieve stress. Of course you get some but you get my point! Hehehe...Don't get too worked up. If you get a low score then better try your luck next time. If all odds are against you and you can't find other ways to pass by that level, raise your hands up and do your favorite move. Hehehe...The main point of the game is to enjoy and have fun.

I like this game personally because it is fun and you can practice your typing skills. And believe me, if you play this game over and over again, your hand-to-eye coordination will be better and, eventually, you can finish this game and boast with your top score.

God bless and keep the faith intact!

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